Beneath The Evergrowing Tree




The White Pine, symbol of the Great Peace between the Iroquois Nations, once dominated the Eastern Woodlands. Among its names are the World Tree, the Great Earth Tree, the Tree of Peace, the Celestial Tree and the Evergrowing Tree. It was thought to stand at the center of the world, bearing the sun and the moon aloft in its branches. Its great white roots were believed to penetrate down to the Great Turtle upon whose back the Earth rests.

Sing a song of peace

to all the children of the earth

beneath the Great White Pine

                                             -Dawn Dark Mountain


9 x 12 inch matted offset prints with stories on the back. (Image size 5 x 7 with the exception of the “Sandhill Crane Dance”, image size 3.5 x 8.5) Available with your choice of three mat colors, periwinkle blue, teal green, or oyster. Please specify mat color in the notes section as you are checking out. Each print comes in a protective clear bag.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 in